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A Path Untold, Daniel Merrill
Photo by TLC Baltimore

A Path Untold is the solo electronic music project of producer, Daniel A. Merrill, who is one half of the genre-crossing duo known as Aligning Minds. Typically known for their work in the realms of ‘transformational’ psychedelic bass music, downtempo and idm, Aligning Minds has made a large impact on audiences worldwide with their melodic, soulful sound.

A Path Untold unlocks a new chapter in this producer’s focus, moving forward with the creation of music that defies genre categorization and captivates the imagination and heart. It explores the notion that “music is a mystery to be unraveled; a path to explore the far reaches of yet untold existence.”

Drawing upon a fusion of genre influences like future garage, breakbeat, idm, deep house, and ambient, A Path Untold seeks to unearth new emotional response patterns within the listener for a mutually connective experience. The album will be the first release on the newly established Aligning Minds Recordings label, which will focus on “electronic music crafted with an emphasis on emotional depth and personal perspective.”

Coming Soon

A Path Untold – Secret Subtle Light (Aligning Minds Recordings 001)

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